Ministry of Health importanc eof wearing facemasks

Health Secretary Stresses the Importance of Wearing Face Masks

The Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mutahi Kagwe, insists Kenyans should consistently and correctly wear their face masks. In doing so, they protect themselves from being infected with the coronavirus.

When the Ministry of Health first recommended Kenyans cover their faces with a mask back in April
2020, it was because it was confirmed that coronavirus is transmitted by asymptomatic people. These are people who are infected with COVID-19 but are not aware because they don’t show the symptoms accompanied by the infection.

Therefore, it is important to wear masks because it blocks virus-loaded particles from being transmitted
by an infected person.

MOH facemask protection against covid 19

This is the primary reason the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health Mutahi Kagwe insists on Kenyans wearing face masks. Another reason is that wearing a face mask reduces the number of contagious droplets reaching the person wearing masks.

Which is the Best Face Mask

Which is the best facemask

In choosing the right masks, it is important to ensure that they make it of cloth and have multiple layers.
This is because pieces with higher thread count will protect the person wearing them better since it traps
more droplets within the layers of clothes, unlike a single-layer cloth

The best way to determine if a mask is fit for you, hold the face masks to the sun or bright light. If you
can see the outlining of the light, then the fabrics within that face mask aren’t strong enough to capture
infected aerosols.

If you want to protect yourself and your loved one, then select face masks that are 100% cotton
the material will guarantee your safety.

Have a look at the center of Disease Control guidelines on how to choose the correct masks.

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