Global Health Perspectives

Global Experts Perspectives on Understanding Global Health

What is Global Health?

To further shed light on this relatively new field of Global Health, Dr. Grace Ikahu Muchangi sought perspectives from top Public Health Experts globally; and compiled their responses in this article.

The global health concept is not entirely new…

Yohanne Kidolezi

Yohane Kidolezi, Global Health concept isn’t necessarily new.  However, the definition might have evolved over time, and in its use by different players.

Global Health is looking at the health of individuals from a global perspective.



Ndiang’ui (Joseph) Githinji

Global health is the well-being of an individual looked at from the individual, environmental, and international perspectives.



Lizzie Otaye

Global health is health at a grand level, which is bigger than public health and bigger than a country. This is definitely a health matter on a grand scale.




Dr. Rajeev Mehta,

Global Health refers to the Health Status of people at global level and access to healthcare facilities without any discrimination


Gratien Mukeshimana

Global health concerns the health of populations in the global context.

Objectives of Global Health: to achieve access and equity worldwide.

Gratien Mukeshimana

Global health is “the area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide”.

Lamek Mageto

Global health involves delivering healthcare services to the populations that need it the most with an equity lens at a transnational level.


Ida Mbuthia

Global health is the ability of each and every person to receive quality and up to date healthcare at a cost that they can afford

What is the Focus of Global Health?

Dr. Judith Getugi – Kerini outlines three main focus areas of Global healthcare: Human Resources, Governance, and health financing

Human resources need to be trained, empowered, and engaged to work efficiently and effectively. Governance looks at the policies we set up national and county level in devolved systems, such as in Kenya, and their responsiveness in epidemic situations, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Private Sector Perspective of Global Health

Yohane Kidolezi

The term global health has been used by private sector players (primarily pharma and medical technology corporations) to distinguish a market development function whose purpose is to accelerate access to healthcare products and solutions within certain population segments instead of waiting for the natural ‘access curve’ to take place.  They would normally have a specific long-term commercial benefit in mind.


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