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Top Threats to Global Health – Global Health Experts’ Perspectives

Here are expert perspectives about the current top 10 threats to global health from leading global health experts as sought by Dr. Grace Ikahu Muchangi. According to top global experts, the major current major threats to global health are as follows; Global Economies and Health Financing Dennis Okaka highlighted the differing economies in different countries

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Global Health Perspectives

Global Experts Perspectives on Understanding Global Health

What is Global Health? To further shed light on this relatively new field of Global Health, Dr. Grace Ikahu Muchangi sought perspectives from top Public Health Experts globally; and compiled their responses in this article. The global health concept is not entirely new… Yohane Kidolezi, Global Health concept isn’t necessarily new.  However, the definition might

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Me Getting the Covid 19 Jab

I Got The Covid-19 Jab, Then This Happened : My 10 Day Journey

After I went public that I received the Coronavirus vaccine, I have received a lot of questions about the vaccine, especially about the side effects. I realized that there is a lot of vaccine hesitancy due to fear and misconceptions around the vaccine. Many people have therefore adopted a wait-and-see approach so that they can

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