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Ministry of Health importanc eof wearing facemasks

Health Secretary Stresses the Importance of Wearing Face Masks

The Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mutahi Kagwe, insists Kenyans should consistently and correctly wear their face masks. In doing so, they protect themselves from being infected with the coronavirus. When the Ministry of Health first recommended Kenyans cover their faces with a mask back in April 2020, it was because it was

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Public health expert lessons about how covid 19 spreads

Public Health Lessons On The COVID-19 Spread  

In the last 11 months running up to November 2020, 53,231,607 people have been infected with coronavirus disease. It is amazing how the novel coronavirus spreads and how long it stays alive. Scientific research has filled in most of the gaps in how the virus spreads. As a public health expert, here is what I

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Malaria eradication in Africa

 Public Health Expert Opinion on Malaria Eradication in Africa 

Malaria is a disease that is a leading cause of illness. It is caused by microscopic protozoa called Plasmodium and transmitted from an infected person by a blood-sucking female Anopheles mosquito. In 2018 alone, WHO, reported over 228 million cases of malaria worldwide, 93% of which were in Africa. Malaria is both curable and preventable,

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